This ainít Johnny Doe

An assignment of:
Community of Zandvoort
Vomar Hypermarket

Shortly after that I was being asked to create a sculpture that should be placed at the square in front of the Vomar hypermarket in Zandvoort, I met John Boedhoe. John rents one of the apartments of the complex to which also the Vomar hypermarket belongs.

John is physically disabled, just like many people in this building who are disabled too. He already has a not so easy life behind himself. With a lot of ups and downs just like many of us. But it was a healthy life, 'till all of a sudden his future was devastated by an illness. All his aspirations and ambitions were destroyed within a couple of weeks.

But he didn't loose his lust for life. He himself found a new way of life : with new and different goals and desires. One by one worthwhile to live for.

John is obviously not Johnny Doe. John is John Boedhoe.

This ain't Johnny Doe is a hommage to John and with him to all the disabled of this planet earth.